Professionally I refer to myself as a musician but I have found that being a musician we take on a number of roles beyond just playing our instruments: composer, performer, producer, programmer, promoter, etc. These roles first come about to first solve creative problems we have but also to save money by not hiring someone to do it for us (shoutout to all the cheap control freaks out there!). But all of them have allowed me to build on my musicality and gain a holistic perspective of how all types of music is made.

Trumpet was my first instrument and where I feel most at home expressing myself musically. I was always envious of guitarists who, with a stomp of a foot, could completely alter the tone of their instrument. I wanted the same. Knowing guitar pedals cost upwards of $100 and were not designed with trumpet in mind I was inspired by my trumpet teacher, Jeff Kaiser, to get into coding. I hated computers and vowed to never have a job involving one but once I was shown that they could be used to make music I was sold. After hours of troubleshooting and cursing I started developing a “rig” for live performances that could process my trumpet through custom software I built in Max/MSP. This was the gateway drug for all things tech for me. I then wanted to record my performances and make them sound as good as possible; what mics to use, what software to buy, what hours could I sneak into the schools recording studio (don’t do that). This has greatly contributed to my composition process and is woven in to almost every musical project I take on.

I have worked in a number of recording studios but had spent most of my time at Carbonite Sound in Ojai, CA formerly known as Brotheryn Studios. While I was there I was a Musician, Assistant Engineer, Sound Designer and an Audio Tech. A lot of my work was in the commercial and film world for Patagonia, Yeti and other outdoor apparel companies. As an audio tech I repaired and modified anything from custom tube amp conversions to classic analog gear. From this experience I started my own audio repair company called Toltec Sound where I work on microphones, consoles, tube amps and designing my own audio circuits. 

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