Trumpet was my first instrument and where I feel most at home expressing myself musically. I was always envious of guitarists though who could completely alter the tone of their instrument by smashing switches with their feet. I wanted the same. Knowing guitar pedals cost upwards of $100 and were not designed with trumpet in mind I was inspired by my trumpet teacher, Jeff Kaiser, to get into coding. I hated computers and vowed to never have a job involving one but once I was shown that they could be used to make music I was sold. After hours of troubleshooting and cursing, I started developing a “rig” for live performances that could process my trumpet through custom software I built in Max/MSP. This was the gateway drug for all things tech for me. I then wanted to record my performances and make them sound as good as possible; what mics to use, what software to buy, what hours could I sneak into the school’s recording studio (don’t do that). This has greatly contributed to my composition process and is woven into almost every musical project I take on.

I have worked in a number of recording studios but had spent most of my time at Carbonite Sound in Ojai, CA formerly known as Brotheryn Studios. While I was there I was a Musician, Assistant Engineer, Sound Designer, and Tech. A lot of my work was in the commercial and film world for Patagonia, Yeti and other outdoor apparel companies. As an audio tech, I repaired and modified anything from custom tube amp conversions to classic analog gear. From this experience, I started my own audio repair company called Toltec Sound where I work on microphones, consoles, tube amps and designing my own audio circuits.

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