Flugelhorn on Batman Unburied

You can hear me on Jonathan Snipes’ incredible score for Batman Unburied, a Spotify Original. Not gonna lie. I’m very excited about this one. 🙂

Sound Installation at Brooklyn Botanical Garden

I recently did some audio install work that involved succulents being amplified and parabolic speakers playing back the sounds of plants. This was for Adrienne Adar, a great artist based in LA, and is currently up at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden until Oct. 27th.


Performing with Wadada Leo Smith as part of the Angel City Jazz Festival Oct. 14th, 8pm @ REDCAT

Rosa Parks oratorio employs the song-form as composition that conveys a philosophical and spiritual narrative about Wadada’s vision of Rosa Parks.  The oratorio is concerned with ideas of freedom, liberty and justice.  This meditation is centered around the Civil Rights movement.  The stage setting is presented with the use of lights as a major convey of emotion and scenery with the projection of video images reconnecting history with the present.



August 26 – WORLD PREMIER – moon& @ Ford Amphitheater – TICKETS HERE

I’ll be collaborating with szalt dance co. and Jonathan Snipes on a new evening length performance called moon&.

Open Gate Theatre with the Michael Vlatkovich Quintet

Sunday, September 2 @8pm

Center for the Arts Eagle Rock

Szalt dance co. performs FLWRS with music by Louis Lopez

9/30, 10/1, 10/2


Bootleg Theater

szalt (dance co.)


(women, and age, and men, and love, and sex, and death, and growing, and smiling, and wind)

F L W R S features the 5 females of szalt, demonstrating non-chronological feminine development by way of an unforgiving dressing room, television static, and hundreds of flowers. SeeDance calls the work “charged, tense, and tender – outstanding and totally engaging”.

Listen to the original music for FLWRS below.