A collection of projects I have recorded and/or mixed that have been brought into the light by the artists, designers, musicians, and labels that have invested in them.  

Megan Spatz is an incredible costume designer, artist, and musician. These music videos are a supreme example of all. I was fortunate to enough to mix and co-produce these tracks with her. Beautiful lyrics steeped in femininity, lots of lo-fi drums/synths, and layers on layers of field recordings round out her debut release. More to come from Spatz…

Mike Lockwood’s BONEPOCKET is Dave Tranchina, Frank Silva, Andrew Conrad, Joe Santa Maria, Steven Van Betten, Gregory Uhlmann and Mike Lockwood.  Released live at The Bootleg Theater in L.A. on March, 19th, 2017 by Driftless Records. Recorded by Misha Hercules @ dtla recording

Jake Rosenzweig’s four movement four part solo bass piece Music for Bass Quartet brings memories of walks alone, closed eyes, and dark colors. Jake gives you his intent in his suspiciously obvious titles while lending you his thoughts and undoubted meditations on his instrument. Tracks “Chimes” and “Choirs” were performed completely by himself in my small recording studio in Highland Park. Movement IV “Choirs” was part of the installation “Vertically Integrated Socialism”  created by artist Nicolas Grenier  in Belgium.