Projects I’ve recorded, mixed and produced…

Cooper Wolken

“Wolken brought together a group composed of guitarist Steven van Betten, bassist Marcus Högsta, drummer Nick Hon, and trumpeter/producer Louis Lopez to round out his compositions. The group set up camp at Theo Karon’s Hotel Earth—a semi-mobile studio at the time based in Eagle Rock, California, but has since decamped to Berlin—cramming an album’s worth of tracking into a weekend. The resulting Chapters honors that familial coziness, a record at once diaristic in its familiar warmth and profound in its resonant emotionality.”

-Earth Libraries

the stilling well


Desert Magic

Go on a galactic journey across the oceans of the collective unconscious. From the arid landscape of the human condition to the untrodden terrain of the ineffable Sage, Desert Magic is your cosmic sherpa. In the Universe is a collection of musical settings of the Tao Te Ching, composed by Alex Wand and brought into existence by Steven van Betten, Logan Hone, Luke Williams and Linnea Sablosky.

Megan Spatz

Megan Spatz made a series of amazing music videos that I had the pleasure of being a part of. Here’s the latest…

Evil Genius

Evil Genius is a band of big ears (not a Netflix special). With each composition it is anyone’s guess what role Max Kutner (guitar), Stefan Kac (Tuba) or Mike Lockwood (drums) are going to take on; timekeeper, soloist, texture, puppeteer…

My Allowance

Jake Rosenzweig continues to be one of my favorite artists and musicians. His project My Allowance offers more of his brash whimsy in the form of a guitar rock band. The stellar line-up includes Ben Levinson and Jesse Nicholas Quebbeman-Turley who are more than on board. Driving guits and vocal hockets are what you can expect but listen carefully… there are plenty of diamonds in this gem salad.

Megan Spatz

Megan Spatz is an incredible costume designer, artist, and musician. These music videos are a supreme example of all. I was fortunate to enough to mix and co-produce these tracks with her. Beautiful lyrics steeped in femininity, lots of lo-fi drums/synths, and layers on layers of field recordings round out her debut release. More to come from Spatz…


Mike Lockwood’s BONEPOCKET is Dave Tranchina, Frank Silva, Andrew Conrad, Joe Santa Maria, Steven Van Betten, Gregory Uhlmann and Mike Lockwood.  Released live at The Bootleg Theater in L.A. on March, 19th, 2017 by Driftless Records. Recorded by Misha Hercules @ dtla recording

Jake Rosenzweig

Jake Rosenzweig’s four movement four part solo bass piece Music for Bass Quartet brings memories of walks alone, closed eyes, and dark colors. Jake gives you his intent in his suspiciously obvious titles while lending you his thoughts and undoubted meditations on his instrument. Tracks “Chimes” and “Choirs” were performed completely by himself in my small recording studio in Highland Park. Movement IV “Choirs” was part of the installation “Vertically Integrated Socialism”  created by artist Nicolas Grenier  in Belgium.